What's new in ClearCalcs - Concrete beams (23rd Jul 18)


In our latest update, we’re proud to unveil our FEA based concrete beams, our new framing focused and team oriented plans, and discuss a bunch of other recent and upcoming improvements making ClearCalcs even easier to use.

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Concrete Beam Now Available

Concrete beams

Our new concrete rectangular beam template has finished testing and is now available for production use. Quickly model and solve concrete beams using our FEA solver with unlimited loads and supports.

Load Tracking Added to Columns

Columns now support load linking

You can now design the leaning tower of ClearCalcs with the ability to add linked loads to columns, as well as beams. Everything will still update dynamically and show failures in the sidebar so you can make changes with confidence.

Member Schedule Improved + Better Checks

You can now select, copy, and delete from the member schedule. Summary checks have also been added to the member schedule, and the top of each sheet, so you can see at a glance (or a hover) what the controlling factor is. We are still making improvements to this page - suggestions welcome!

Formulas Added to Input Fields

For when you need a quick calculation, you can now type the equal sign ‘=’ into any input field and type a quick formula (eg. =5*5). You can also quickly link fields together using symbols, so =L will link to span length for example. Formula fields show yellow and automatically update based on sheet changes.

Free Resource - Section Properties

With a library of over 1000 timber and steel beam sections, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at property catalogues. So you don’t have to, we’ve made this resource available for free on our website.

Steel Base Plate Now in Beta

Combining multiple different standards and technical papers, and the product of months of pain staking work, our base plate calculation is now available for testing and feedback. Let us know what you’d like to see in the final calc!

Coming Up - Project Defaults and Sheet Presets

As part of our mission to simplify, we will soon be whittling down our number of beam templates. All templates will be FEA based with unlimited supports and loads, and a helpful new ‘preset/design intent’ field at the top will let you specify whether you’re designing a bearer/rafter/joist etc and quickly set the appropriate default loads and settings so you can work even faster.

We’re continuing to add new templates based on great user feedback and requests. See our Calculations page for an overview of current and upcoming calculations including timber, steel, and retaining walls. Got a suggestion for what should be next? Let us know

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