What's New in ClearCalcs (7th May 2019) - Trusses and Audit Logs


In one of our biggest ever updates, we're proud to release our cloud 2D truss and frame analysis. Complementing this, we're also excited to be able to offer easy linking between analysis and member design sheets for quick design and analysis. Audit logging has also arrived in ClearCalcs, making it even easier for engineering teams to collaborate and see at a glance who has created and updated a given calculation.

General Improvements

2D Truss and Frame Analysis

A Howe Portal Frame Showing Nodes and Elements in ClearCalcs

One of our most consistently requested features, 2D frame and truss analysis is now available in ClearCalcs. Allowing an engineer to enter an unlimited number of nodes and members, and then specify different material types and loads, the 2D analysis will automatically solve for moment, shear, axial forces, extension, displacement, and reactions.

Example Truss and Portal Frame Presets Available in ClearCalcs

To save time entering nodes and elements, ClearCalcs provides a range of  'presets' for the most common truss and frame geometries, with helpful formulas for quickly specifying width and height. Truss and frame analysis is still in beta as we finish testing, and solicit feedback on how we can make entry and analysis even faster.

Example link between a steel member design calculation and a truss analysis calculation

Alongside these new truss and analysis templates, engineers can now quickly create and load link steel and timber member design templates to analysis results. Worst case forces for each member type specified in the analysis calculation will be exported, enabling fast design of columns, chords, and webs.

Audit Logs

Audit logs make it easy to see who has created and edited a calculation

See at a glance who has created and edited a given calculation using the new audit log feature found in the header of each page. Audit logs will automatically update as changes are made to calculations by you or your colleagues, so you have a full history of who has made changes and when. Audit log data is available for all new projects created from today.

Improved Table Equations

Example table showing equations and conditions of each column

It's now possible to get greater detail and context on formulas and conditions in tables. Clicking to expand references/debug for a table will now provide a summary of the equations in use in each column and any conditional logic.

Australian Templates

Timber Library Updated and Substantially Expanded

The ClearCalcs timber library of Australian sections has more than doubled in size with the recent update, with more sections from suppliers across the country, including all GLTAA glulam sections.

It’s now even easier to design a custom timber beam, with a drop-down at the top of the Timber Beam calculator now letting you immediately switch to a custom beam of any cross-section or species.

Cold-Formed Steel Updated to 2018 Standard

Subsequent to our recent webinar on AS4600:2018 cold-formed steel design, our AS4600 beam template has been upgraded to use the new standard, and more fully account for any web holes. If you're unfamiliar with the changes in the new standard, take a moment to review the slides and recording of our webinar.

Timber Connections Now Available

A range of timber connection design and analysis templates are now available for design usage. Engineers can quickly design timber bolt, screw, and nail connections. Bolts can be designed in any arbitrary pattern.

US and Canada Templates

Concrete Columns Now Available

Rectangular concrete columns have exited testing and are now available for production usage. Concrete beams will follow very shortly.

Glulam Columns

Glue laminated column templates for ASD and LRFD are now available.

Portal Frames

Portal frame design for flat and gabled portal frames is available in imperial units.

Aluminium Connections

Aluminium groove weld and knife plate connections are now available in Canadian codes.

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