What's New in ClearCalcs (15th Jan 2019)


New year, stacks of new ClearCalcs updates! We're excited to kick off 2019 with a bang with a bevy of new and imminent updates including new calculation templates and features.

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General Improvements

Envelope Diagrams for Beams

The coloured line denotes the currently graphed limit state, the grey outer denotes the overall envelope from the worst case limit state analysed.

It's now easier than ever to graphically discern the shear, moment, and deflection forces acting on beams, with all diagrams updated to include a coloured line for the actively selected/graphed limit state, as well as an overall envelope of design actions from every limit state being analysed.

Australian & New Zealand Templates

Improved Steel Connections

The Steel Bolt template now supports bolt grouping for arbitrary x-y locations

Steel Bolt and Fillet Weld templates have been upgraded with new and improved features including the ability to design for moment connections, and design for arbitrary bolt patterns. We will soon be adding the ability to directly link reactions from beams and columns into connections.

Stacks of new templates ready for release

We're very proud to be able to share our work on new templates, all currently undergoing final checking stages before full release. These are already available inside ClearCalcs for preview including:

Cold Formed Steel Beam and Column to AS4600:2005

Our new cold-formed steel templates cover all common Australian sections and utilize the Direct Strength Method preferred by the upcoming AS4600:2018.

Rectangular Concrete Column

Our easy to use rectangular concrete column template is now in beta as it undergoes final quality checks. We're looking forward to improving this even further quite shortly with the addition of beam-column lateral loading and interactive column interaction diagrams.

Improved Pad Footings

Our pad footing calculations have been updated based on user feedback and feature substantially improved load calculations, load case analysis, reinforcement options, and one-way shear checks.

USA Templates

Our US template line up continues to grow rapidly, with new templates now available for Cold-Formed steel, timber, and hot rolled steel. Concrete calculations are now in progress.

We’re continuing to add new templates based on great user feedback and requests. See our Calculations page for an overview of current and upcoming calculations including timber, steel, and retaining walls. Got a suggestion for what should be next? Let us know

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