What's New in ClearCalcs (25th Feb 2019)


We're excited to release new templates for cold-formed steel columns and beams, concrete columns, and pad footings, as well as upcoming betas for masonry walls, masonry lintels, and improved sleeper retaining walls. The member schedule page has also been updated with a new quantity view to aid in quick estimating, and print has received some new options

General Improvements

Estimate Easily with New Quantity View

In response to user requests, we've added a new 'Quantity' toggle to the Member Schedule page that provides a quick snapshot view for estimating by grouping sheets by section type and displaying total quantity, length, and longest member. We'd love your feedback on how we can add to this, or improve other areas.

New Summary and Detail Print Options

We've released a new round of improvements for print, including a new print dialog that will provide a platform for more print options and control. You now have the option to print three different ways:

  • Summary (New) - a one page, dual column display of critical information and diagrams
  • Standard (Default) - the standard print out containing summary, diagram, and inputs.
  • Detail (new) - a multi page output with all equations, including those hidden by default. This is useful if you want to perform an in depth check on a calculation to understand where numbers are derived.

For our summary print in particular we'd love to hear feedback on what can be removed/added, with the aim of keeping this to one page with critical information only.

Australian Templates

Cold-Formed Steel Beams and Columns

Cold-formed steel beams and studs/columns have now been released for general use. We'd love feedback on these templates, including any additional features or section properties you'd like to see added. If you missed it, our AS4600:2018 webinar recording and slides are available here.

Concrete Column including Interactive Diagrams

Our rectangular concrete column template is now available for general use, and includes interactive hoverable column interaction diagrams to make it easier to design.

Pad Footing Released

Pad footings have been overhauled and updated - easily design a pad footing with moment and axial forces with comprehensive load combinations and punching shear analysis. Our new Wall Footing template has been based off of the pad footing calculation and is currently available for beta preview as we finish testing.

Improved Sleeper Retaining Walls Now In Beta

Two new post retaining walls templates have now been released into beta covering timber and steel posts. These templates simplify soil inputs for faster design, and allow loads to be linked into your choice of timber, concrete, or steel sleeper templates to provide greater flexibility of design. We will be releasing help article and video content covering how to use these new templates once testing is finalised.

Masonry Wall and Lintel Upcoming To Beta

Ureinforced and reinforced masonry walls as well as masonry lintel are in the final stages of development and should soon be released for beta preview.

US Templates

Cold Formed Steel Now Available

Cold-formed steel beam and stud/column templates to AISI S100-2016 are now available for general use. We recently ran a webinar on design of light gauge and cold-formed steel to AISI S100-2016, including the benefits of using the Direct Strength Method and design examples. The recording and slides are available here.

Concrete Templates About To Enter Testing

Templates for concrete beam and column are in the final stages of development and will soon be released for testing and preview ahead of final release.

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