What's New in ClearCalcs (18 Feb 2020)


Kicking off 2020, we're excited to share our new custom cross section calculator allowing lightning fast elastic, plastic, and warping analysis of custom sections, a new and improved steel angle lintel calculator, the release of much requested calculation grouping, and additional diagram and functionality improvements.

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Custom Cross Section Calculator Released

We're very proud to share our new calculator allowing fast analysis of any arbitrary cross-section. Default options make it easy to input the geometry for I-section, T-sections, angles, Cees, Zeds, and more.

We are excited to continue developing this calculator to enable geometry import and connecting to other ClearCalcs calculators in future. You can try the calculator for free here.

Improved Steel Angle Lintel Calculator Now Available

One of our most requested upgrades - our steel angle lintel calculator has now been completely overhauled and modernised, with the ability to support multiple support spans, point, distributed, and triangular loads.

Calculation Grouping Now Available

It's now possible to easily bundle calculations in a project into groups to more easily work with large quantities of calculations such as in a multi-storey or multi-unit design. New calc groups can be created from the Member Schedule page of each project. We are still actively improving this feature so we'd love to hear your feedback!

New Cross-Section Diagrams and Diagram Improvements

Complementing our new cross section calculator, all beam and column calculators now have dynamically generated diagrams to make it easier to visualise the selected section and, in the case of concrete, selected reinforcement. We're excited to continue releasing additional diagram improvements based on valuable user feedback.

Got a burning desire to see us tackle something new? We prioritise what our users tell us, so let us know!

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