Get the best design in less time with Autosize and Preferred Sections


Helping engineers do their best work faster, we're proud to unveil Autosize and Preferred Sections. Together, they help eliminate guesswork, ease sharing of client preferences, and guarantee the best design in less time.

More options, less complexity

With a library of thousands of steel and timber sections, ClearCalcs attempts to give engineers the greatest possible flexibility in reaching the best design for their clients. Too many chefs spoil the broth however, and so most engineers and builders prefer to choose from a smaller range of sections to suit local availability, help decrease complexity on site, and make purchasing simpler.

It's with these preferences in mind we've developed Preferred Sections - when creating new projects engineers can now easily specify which timber and steel members they prefer to use, and these will default to the top of the list when searching.

An example of the ClearCalcs member selector showing Preferred Sections at the top with live results

Preferred sections sit at the top of ClearCalcs' powerful member selector which displays live results of every section, so while engineers can still design using our database of thousands of sections, with favourite sections front and center, it's easy to choose the most optimal at a glance. Or better yet, just use Autosize...

Eliminate trial and error, save time

Optimising for the best design can be time consuming, and for the modern engineer juggling multiple projects and time constraints, it's not feasible to check every section. Autosize eliminates this compromise. Engineers can finish their design, click the magic wand icon, and ClearCalcs will instantly select the most optimal member from their preferred sections list. It's quick, simple, and eliminates the time wasted checking multiple members.

Autosize in action

With Autosize, engineers not only save time on each design, but also guarantee the most economical design for their clients - the hallmark of a great engineer.

Improve communication, and easily share client preferences

Engineers can become victims of their own success. The more clients they win and projects they do only make it harder to remember individual preferences, especially in large teams. Preferred sections make it clear to every engineer why members were used on a project, and the ability to copy preferred sections from previous projects makes it easy to create and share preferences by creating template projects for each client.

The preferred section dialog lets engineers specify their favourites or quickly copy from a past project

Large teams can especially benefit from ClearCalcs' cloud accessibility and preferred sections. Engineers working from any location can now not only easily share and review each others work, but also client preference templates. The result is reduced errors, less time spent digging through emails and documents, and happier clients.

Upgrade your engineering practice

We're proud of Autosize and Preferred Sections, and thankful to all the engineers who continue to contribute great ideas and feedback. We base all of our development on extensive user feedback and research with the aim of making ClearCalcs user the happiest, most efficient engineers on the planet.

Start your free trial today, try out Autosize and Preferred Sections, and see what modern cloud engineering looks like first hand. Got some questions or suggestions for us? Drop us a line a, we'd love to hear what would make your practice better.

Keep an eye out for more updates - we have even bigger new calculations and features cooking!

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