Free Webinar - Wood Beam Design to NDS 2018


In this webinar, ClearCalcs North American lead Laurent Gerin discusses timber and wood engineering design to NDS 2018. This includes a discussion of common wood design parameters, what makes wood engineering unique, and two worked examples of a simple and complex loaded wood beam using the NDS 2018 standard.

Wood remains an extremely popular material in use across the US and the world. Whilst newer types of engineered timber and glue laminated beams are helping overcome issues with variance in timber sections, having an understanding of wood properties such as creep remains very important for engineers who want to design structural systems that stand the test of time.

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Wood Webinar Recording

What the webinar covers

  • An overview of Wood Design parameters for NDS 2018
  • Common design considerations for wood
  • Worked examples using the new NDS 2018 wood calculator in ClearCalcs
  • End Q&A

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