Free Webinar - Steel Design to AS4100


Free webinar covering Steel Design to AS4100, including a discussion of common design parameters and considerations, as well as worked examples using the AS4100 calculator in ClearCalcs.

Steel is an extremely common and versatile material used by engineers in a wide variety of structural applications. Given steel is generally priced by weight, the ability to accurately design and optimise steel is critical to producing cost-effective designs.

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What the webinar covers

  • An overview of Steel Design parameters for AS4100
  • Common design considerations for steel
  • Worked examples using the new AS4100 steel calculator in ClearCalcs
  • End Q&A

About The Speaker:

Brooks H. Smith, CPEng, PE, MIEAust, NER, RPEQ

Holding a Master's degree in structural engineering, Chartered Status in Australia, and licensure in the United States, Brooks now leads ClearCalcs's engineering team. While his experience has led him to design and analyse both new and existing buildings in all common structural materials, his specialty lies in cold-formed steel. His previous experience was as a senior engineer in a specialty CFS product development consultant, with clients across the globe. Prior to that, his nearly 10 years of experience includes working as a forensic structural engineer in the United States, a university research fellow on system behaviour, and an engineering software tester for a major finite element analysis software package. As the Engineering Development Lead at ClearCalcs, Brooks now manages the full engineering team, maintains the platform's FEA solver, serves as the primary contact for customer technical support, and gives training sessions for new customers. Brooks is also an avid cyclist, biking in to the office each day, and loves hiking enough that he completed the 3,517 km, 6-month Appalachian Trail a few years ago.

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