Announcing fairer usage based pricing for ClearCalcs


No two engineers are alike, so why should they be charged a flat fee for software they may or may not use? With our new usage based pricing plans, engineers can use as much or as little of ClearCalcs as they want, and only pay for what they use.

How it works

  • Choose a usage tier which includes a certain number of new calculations you create each month (edits are free) - see our new plans
  • (For example - create 15 beams and 3 columns = 18 calculations)
  • Access every single ClearCalcs feature and calculation
  • Add unlimited users to your account and share the same usage pool

Why the change?

One of the most frustrating parts of working at an engineering firm is that there is never enough software going around, often forcing engineers to fight over limited licenses, or go back to spreadsheets. What's worse is that traditional engineering software often costs thousands of dollars up front. This creates a dilemma for engineers who need to decide how much software is enough, what features they can live without, and how many licenses they're likely to need. If they under-estimate, productivity and accuracy takes a hit, if they over-estimate, software gathers dust on the shelf and money is wasted.

There has to be a fairer way, right?

We believe usage based pricing is the answer. With our usage based plans, engineers can select a simple usage tier which gives them a bundle of new calculations each month, and benefit from every single calculation and feature we have to offer - eliminating the need to choose between different feature sets and modules. Because usage can be shared, this also means we can offer unlimited user access, meaning everyone in the company can get on-demand access. In this way, a firm that only needs a few retaining wall calculations a month can get just as much value as a firm that produces thousands of beam calculations. Usage can also be scaled as the firm grows, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring engineers are always equipped to be productive.

We believe this makes great economic sense for engineering firms. For every design an engineer creates, they are adding value to the firm. At the same time, this is a huge incentive for ClearCalcs to keep adding new features and calculations - unlike our competitors who won't pick up the phone after they have sold you a license, we have a constant incentive to make our product ever better so you'll use more, and get more value by extension! Win-win!

What is the right usage tier for me?

We have done substantial data analysis and determined that the average solo ClearCalcs engineer produces an average 50-120 new designs per month, which is why we suggest our Small plan for most solo engineers. This is also a great tier to get started with even if you are a larger business as your tier can easily be increased as more of your colleagues see how easy to use and powerful ClearCalcs is. We understand that engineering can be boom-bust and so we're going to continue monitoring usage and optimising to keep this system fair and transparent. Currently if you go over your usage limit repeatedly we will reach out to suggest you upgrade, but the important thing is you don't need to fear bill shock. We plan to systemise this as we make improvements to the system (and we'd love your ideas), but any approach we adopt will be as fair and transparent as possible so you can always work with confidence.

What if I want per user licenses?

For the moment, we have kept per user licenses available, but only on a yearly basis. We will be monitoring feedback on the new usage based plans to determine what we do with this moving forward.

Let us know what you think

We're really confident that usage based pricing will be a great way to get powerful engineering tools into the hands of more engineers, and we'd really appreciate hearing from you on how we can refine this idea and make it easier to understand.