Triangular loads added to ClearCalcs beams


We’re proud to announce that our easy to use beam calculators have been made even more powerful with the addition of triangular loads. Engineers can now model even more accurately with a choice of uniform and triangular distributed or partially distributed loads, as well as our point and moment load options.

Our full range of beam calculations have been updated, including timber, steel, concrete, and pure analysis beams.

You can test out triangular loads using our free online beam calculator available in our free tools section, no install required! Beam calculators for metric and imperial units are available, and both use our powerful finite element analysis engine to provide accurate on the fly results for moment, shear, and deflection.

Try our free beam calculator

We continue to make weekly upgrades to the ClearCalcs site with the feedback from engineers who produce thousands of designs on the platform every week. 2018 has already seen us add calculations for portal frames, retaining walls, concrete beams, and more. We’re hard at work on adding cold formed steel beams and columns, as well as concrete columns into the software, let us know what you’d like us to add next!

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