What's new in ClearCalcs - Triangular Loads and Slabs (1st Oct 18)


In our latest round of updates, we’ve substantially improved our timber and steel beam calculations with new triangular loads and diagrams, and we’ve made it easier and faster to create them with quick project presets that pre-fill data for rafters, joists, bearers, and more.

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Substantial Beam Improvements

Our timber and steel beams have been upgraded to support triangular loads, improved diagrams, and better wind loading.

Concrete Improvements & AS3600:2018

In preparation for AS3600:2018, we have made minor revisions to our concrete beam template, and added a new template for concrete one-way slab. Over the next two weeks we will be substantially upgrading these templates to align with AS3600:2018 and add support for triangular loads.

Concrete Columns & Beam-Columns

Concrete columns are currently in development. As part of this update, all of our column templates will be upgraded with new diagrams, and FEA supported lateral loads as well as intermediate supports.

Extra Connections

Our connections calculations are currently getting a new lick of paint as well as some additional steel and timber connections. Special thanks to our users who have provided improvement feedback on these templates.

We’re continuing to add new templates based on great user feedback and requests. See our Calculations page for an overview of current and upcoming calculations including timber, steel, and retaining walls. Got a suggestion for what should be next? Let us know

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