Why Intrax Consulting Engineers choose ClearCalcs


ClearCalcs are proud to be the engineering software of choice for Intrax Consulting Engineers. With over 300 employees locally and abroad, Intrax is an end-to-end supplier that provides a broad base of engineering services to many of Australia’s residential volume builders.

With ClearCalcs, Intrax now has:

  • The ability to quickly model beams in highly accurate FEA without needing to swap between packages, improving accuracy and efficiency
  • Guaranteed access for their engineers regardless of location, improving collaboration and saving wasted time
  • More transparent and easy to use calculations, increasing quality and enabling faster onboarding of new hires

Prior to choosing ClearCalcs, Intrax engineers were using a mixture of spreadsheets, Excel based desktop software, and FEA analysis software for more advanced geometries. This caused constant headaches for engineers who often had to waste time swapping between packages just to get the job done. Swapping between these packages also meant losing access to the shared license they had before, meaning they would often have to wait around to get access again, wasting valuable productivity each day.

"We sometimes had to use two packages for accurate member loading and section capacity, ClearCalcs brings this together by allowing us to specify exact support conditions. Overall, the flexibility afforded by features within ClearCalcs are far superior to what we had to endure under our previous software packages. And to top it off, their team is great!"

Harry Kariyawasam National Volume Housing Manager

In choosing a new engineering software, Intrax wanted a solution that would allow their engineers to stay in the same package without having to trade off accuracy or time. Further, because their team is spread across interstate and international offices, they needed a solution which could enable easy collaboration and guarantee access no matter where their engineers are accessing from.

“Clearcalcs cloud based design software has streamlined my design process with its simplicity and convenience. The ability to access and complete calculations from anywhere allows me to meet deadlines without worrying about licences or sacrificing time at home. I am confident that my computations are accurate and accessible, and new content is always being added.”

Andrew Golds Residential Structural Engineer

Thanks to ClearCalcs being online and available anywhere, Intrax is able to offer its engineers the flexiblity to seamlessly work from the office, at home, or on site. ClearCalcs is easy enough to understand for their junior engineers to quickly pick up the software, and powerful enough to get accurate, optimal designs.

"ClearCalcs has given me and my colleagues a greater understanding of the formulations and confidence to discuss these with our clients. But aside from the technical aspect, the ability to suggest improvements and customisations to the user interface is what I believe gives it the edge."

Daniel Smitran Residential Structural Engineer

"I believe what sets ClearCalcs from the rest is its functionality, accuracy, usability and easy to follow interface that reflects on the end product provided to the client."

Michael Scardamaglia Residential Structural Engineer

"Have only used ClearCalcs for a short time, but have already been sold on how efficient and precise it is. Its user friendly nature simplifies difficult computations into an easy to read format."

Peter Danatzis Residential Structural Engineer

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